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Did you forget something this morning?

Did you forget something this morning?

Thursday August 25, 2022

The end of Alzheimer Disease starts with you!

In the morning, while leaving for the workplace forgetting where you put the vehicle keys, forgetting to get a thing at the supermarket, periodically failing to remember why you came into a room or what you wanted to say. All these signs could be an early indication of Alzheimer’s disease.

World Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated on the 21st of September every year as a day to help raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and also break all the stigmas and misinformation surrounding it.

Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive, degenerative brain disorder that gradually undermines memory, thinking, and behavior. You could be among the 3 percent of individuals with Alzheimer’s who are diagnosed at a youthful age than the general population.

The early signs include an inability to remember events from an earlier time or future, issues with language and communication, changes in personality, and not being able to carry out daily activities independently.



As we age, many of us become progressively distracted. Half of those over age 65 say that they are more absent-minded than they were at the point at which they were more youthful, encountering “senior moments” about things like where they put things or remembering someone’s name.

Alzheimer’s is hard, especially on family members, as they see their cherished ones gradually get inactive. They are present in front of you but at the same time, they are not. Their personalities change, and they become dubious and more aggressive. They lose their capacity to get things done. Someone with Alzheimer’s sickness may show rapid mood swings from calm to tears to anger for no apparent reason.

Although it’s hard, always remember that the end of Alzheimer’s starts with all of us. It is disappointing that today with all the scientific and technological advancements, we fail to leave our conservative attitude towards certain diseases like Alzheimer’s is one of them.



Fortunately, a few moves can be made to advance our mental well-being and help to treat Alzheimer’s disease. First of all, intellectual stimulation is important, reading books, doing Sudoku, crosswords or riddles, playing board games and social activities can further develop protection from developing mental problems. Also, a healthy lifestyle is important.

Regular physical activity, a decent eating routine, and proper sleep are likewise as valuable to actual well-being as they are to mental well-being.

Memories are worth fighting for. This World Alzheimer’s Day let’s understand, raise awareness, and shower love to our loved ones.

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